Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package


Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro Paint Coating Jacksonville, FL

When people think about detailing and protecting their vehicle, they don’t often think of their wheels first. But when you examine it, your wheels the most wear on your car. They’re revolving at high speed constantly, and brakes emit brake dust into your calipers. What that means is that they get a lot of debris in there, which makes them not work as efficiently as they good. Aesthetically, it’s definitely nice to have clean wheels, but the more important concern is extending the life of your calipers.

The Ceramic Pro Wheels Off Package completely cleans and coats your wheels. We safely remove them from the vehicle, do a full decontamination wash of the wheels and the calipers, then coat both the wheels and the calipers with Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper. Traditional wheel detailing requires decontamination spray, which is harsh. Once you coat your wheels, simple soap and water will get rid of brake dust. Not only that, but your wheel faces will be much more scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about as much curbing damage.

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Included in Package

  • Removal of all four wheels
  • Steam cleaning of wheels and calipers inside and out
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied on all exterior wheel surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper applied to calipers
The best way to protect your investment!
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