Ceramic Pro Jacksonville has been serving our customers with high end and mobile detailing for three years in its current incarnation, but we have something of a dream team. We combined the best talent in the detailing industry to bring people high level details on the go. Our first two locations were located in the St. Johns Town Center and The Avenues Mall. With our new, dedicated Ceramic Pro Jacksonville space, we’ve taken all the knowledge that we’ve gained by working with traditional detailing and offering people even more — a way to protect their investment with Ceramic Pro.

We’ve completely customized our new space. Right now we’re sticking to the stuff we’re great at — traditional detailing and Ceramic Pro — but we’ll be expanding into all sorts of areas. We’re excited to explore the possibilities of Ceramic Pro Marine. We also love motorcycles and will happily set up a custom consult to discuss detailing and paint protection services. Our auto spa is located just a short ways from The Avenues mall. Come check us out and let us make a custom detail for your vehicle.

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14476 Duval Place W Suite 702 Jacksonville, Florida 32218


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